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Event planning service is a challenging and lucrative opportunity for doing business. There are various reasons for the occurrence of events such as Celebrations including weddings, reunions, fairs, parades, birthdays, anniversaries; Education comprising of conferences, meetings, graduations; Promotions including political rallies, product launches, and fashion shows and Commemorations including memorials and civic events. In an event planning business there are various tasks that need to be handled by the owner such as Conducting research, Creating an event design, Finding a site, Arranging any necessary accommodations for attendees, Coordinating the activities of event personnel, Arranging for food, decor and entertainment, Planning transportation to and from the event, Sending invitations to attendees, Conducting evaluations of the event and supervising at the site.

Start an Event Planning Service The event planners usually are the people who find their niche in one specific aspect of special events. These planners not only organize entire events but also offer many services for those events. Event planners also need to start with planning events for other companies prior to venturing into business for themselves. You should complete a degree or certificate from a local university in the subjects of event planning or management. You can find a list of colleges and universities that offer educational opportunities from Meeting Professionals International (MPI). You can also work to become a CMP (Certified Meeting Planner) or CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional).

There are basically two markets for event planning services including corporate and social. The term "corporate" incorporates companies as well as charities and non profit organizations. The Charities and non profit organizations usually host receptions, gala fundraisers and athletic competitions, in order to expand their base and raise funds. The Social Market organise the social events such as weddings, Sweet 16 parties, birthdays, anniversary parties, children’s parties, reunions and others.

The timings of the job does not include regular 9-to-5 job. The event planning requires you to work on holidays, evenings, and weekends. Your work involves doing Research, Design the entire event, make a Proposal, Organize the event, Coordinate between various departments and Evaluating the success of the event.

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