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Software tycoon Azim Premji of Wipro is known for his simple lifestyle and modesty. Azim Premji is among people who understand how difficult it is to earn money and how easy it is spend them. It is great to hear that still this man flies in economic class and prefers to stay in less budget hotels rather than 5 and 7 starts hotel. He also stays in companies guest house as and when required. This shows the simplicity he believes in and does not like to show off the status.

Birth and education details

Azim Premji was born in the year 1945 on 24th July in the Mumbai city. He completed his school studies from St. Mary’s school and then planned to pursue electrical engineering. He went to US to carry on with engineering from Standford University. Urge to study and do something great in life was his motto.

Starting point of career

Sudden dismissal of father of Azim Premji in the year 1966 compelled him to come back to India to continue with family business. WIPRO (western Indian vegetable products limited) is known for manufacturing vegetable oil for cooking purpose. When his father passed away he was just 21 years old and the business was of around 2 million.

At the age of 21, handling huge responsibility of business is not an easy task. But he had that determination and urges to take business to new heights with his knowledge. He had management techniques and he utilized for the betterment of business. Successfully he overcome all the challenges and made Wipro one among greatest software companies.

During the first AGM (annual general meeting) shareholders did not had confidence on new owner of WIPRO and doubted the ability of Azim Premji. But he proved himself with his hard working ability. He shifted the focus of company from cooking products to software world. Among research and development services, Wipro is considered as largest company and has turnover of around 70 million.

Today Wipro is multibillion dollar company and this became possible under the provision of Azim Premji.
Wipro got listed to NYSE.

Six sigma concepts were adopted by Wipro and this brought development in business. In the year 1980 IBM quitted from India and Azim Premji took benefit of this by hiring best engineers for computer development. Computer software where also made by Wipro and they created boom in the IT sector. In the year 2000 this company got listed in New York stock exchange.

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