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Interviewing someone who is ideal and has reputed name as entrepreneur can be simply great as you are interacting with the person who is legend in itself. Consider yourself lucky and go with complete preparation while interviewing an entrepreneur. It can be great learning experience for you. However confident you may be but somewhere in the back of your mind there would be some fear of facing the legendary.

Eliminate your fear as this is the correct time to show confidence and successfully accomplish the interview. Prepreparation plays very important role in such cases as this can give you the idea of forming question for interview. If you are newbie to this field then you might find it difficult to interview for the first time, but as soon as you accomplish more and more interviews, your confidence will automatically get raised.

Pre preparation interview tips for entrepreneurs

• Collect complete details of interviewer
• Get information which states the struggling period of entrepreneur
• Opt for correct day, date and time of interview
• Prepare the basic list of questions
• Decide the topic which you want to focus mainly on while interviewing
• Try to follow more research work and collect the data if required
• Write to the person whom you are interviewing so that he or she can understand the motive of interview
• When you are interviewing an entrepreneur, don’t be late
Interview tips for entrepreneurs – At the time of interview
• Show confidence, not over confidence
• Smartly deal with hypocritical answers
• Make sure you sit with the correct posture
• Do not make too much of hand movements
• Even if you are asking some question which are negative, see to it that it does not showcase some insulting feature
• Start interview with generic type of questions
• Do not directly start with the main topic of interview

Post interview preparation

Post preparation….you must be wondering once the interview is over what preparation are to be done. Best preparation is “learn from your mistakes”. So that while interviewing another entrepreneur you do not face the same complications and can deal with different matter effectively.
Commonly asked interview questions
• How you got the idea of business?
• What was your long term vision behind your idea?
• What helped you to gain confidence of public?
• Do you find your employees as important part of your business family?
• What is the thing that boosted you to go ahead as successful entrepreneur?
• With whom would you like to share the credit of success?
• Any piece of advice for today’s youth?
• What are basic skills which entrepreneurs needs to have?
• Do you think failures are essential?
• How to deal with fear?
• 5 years down the line you look yourself as…?
• What is reason behind considerable growth rate of your company?

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