How to Start a Cleaning Service

The cleaning industry consists of two market groups including consumer and commercial. The consumer arena comprises of chiefly residential maid services, window cleaners and cleaning services. The commercial arena includes janitorial services that typically offer a broad range of services as compared to the maid services in addition to other cleaning companies like carpet and window cleaners that focus on businesses instead of individual consumers. You should decide your niche in this business and then concentrate on building your business for serving your chosen market. Apart from it, you can also serve multiple markets successfully once you know the in and out of cleaning business.

Cleaning Service The typical maid service comprises of many cleaners on staff, and the owner does not perform any cleaning duties at all. The main task of the owner is to manage the entire business, take care of scheduling, payroll, billing, ordering supplies, answering the telephone, and handling customer relations issues. In fact, it is a great home based business that you can run by yourself or with employees.

Janitorial Service – The Janitorial services are dedicated for cleaning businesses offices, restaurants, schools and hospitals. The profession has good earning potential although it lacks in glamour. It is more organised and structured than maid service however the starts up costs are not high. You can also start this business by working from a home based office by using just a vehicle and least amount of equipment.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service – In the beginning you may start the carpet cleaning services from your home-based offices and later on you can select to move into a commercial location if required. There is no lack of work in this business as every homeowner and business owner that have installed carpeting or upholstered furniture is a potential customer. There is a wide range of commercial businesses that primarily uses carpet and upholstery cleaning services and thus offers good opportunity for the cleaning businesses to make profits.

For raising the money to meet up the start up costs, you may get the money from your own resources, Partners, Government programs, Friends and family.


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