How to Start a Personal Concierge Service

A personal concierge service involves taking care of other people works as they do not have the time to do so themselves. You can take care of their business efficiently and makes good impression to showcase your efficiency as a personal concierge service provider. There are many concierge services companies which are serving time-starved clients and the business is rapidly growing. The target market for such services encompasses everyone from the millionaire corporate to the single mom with job. As an aspiring personal concierge, you should decide about your niche area. You may cater to the needs of clients in particular areas or you may also offer broad-based services.

 Personal Concierge Service As the industry is growing well and the demand of concierges is increasing more than ever, there is wide array of services offered by these concierges. Some of the frequently offered concierge services include Pet-sitting, Light housekeeping, Plant care, Picking up dry cleaning, Running, miscellaneous errands, Relocation services, Making travel arrangements, Waiting in line at the DMV,

Car repairs, oil change, car wash, Event planning, Gift-buying, Mail pickup, Maid service, Carpet cleaning, Concert/movie reservations, Grocery shopping, Meal pickup, Dinner reservations, Interior decorating, Landscaping and many others.

In order to start a personal concierge business, you do not require a large financial investment. The estimated start up costs for a personal concierge business lies between $2,000 and $4,000; if case you have a computer and other office basics. The basic requirements for setting an office for concierge services are computer with a modem, Zip drive and printer, Software for accounting, Fax machine, Internet access, Website, Insurance, Legal and accounting services, Phone with two or three lines, Answering machine or voice mail, Office supplies and stationery and start-up advertising.

Concierges can charge their clients in various ways. Some charge membership fees on the basis of number of requests made per month. Others bill on monthly retainer or charge per service or per hour.

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