Rags to Riches

After coming from darkness when you get to see some light, it can be considered as light of hopes. After facing poverty person becomes stronger and gets determination to reach to heights in future. This determination leads to hard work and some day your hard work will definitely pay you. Find the legend inside yourself and bring him out to reach from the rags to riches position. Success comes with pain and to tolerate pain you need to have fighting spirit.

How to go from rags to riches? Is it possible to get dream converted in to reality? Yes, it is possible if you show complete dedication and hard work towards achieving your goal. In such cases even luck has some contribution but keep in mind that upbringing your luck is in your hand. Following are some of the things which can guide to become riches:

• Determine your goals as this will assist you in making proper plans.
• Goals must be realistic in nature. Go step by step and do not directly aim to reach the tangent point.
• You must have heard “every action has equal and opposite reaction”. Apply this thought to your idea during the implementation stage of idea.
• Utilize money in efficient manner and form the correct budget.
• Put maximum efforts to achieve your target.
• Learn management skills as for an entrepreneur it is boon to achieve success.
• Know more about business management, business laws, investments, etc.
• Carry out as much research work as possible.
• Differentiate yourself from masses.

Above are some of the things which can help you to get converted from rags to riches. Don’t just listen to success stories; create one such rags to riches story of you.

Listen to this inspiring story of Patricia Narayan….

After getting beaten up at the in laws place Patricia had no other option but to leave house with two children. She did not wanted to be burden on her parents and so started living life independently. She managed to make some money by means of preparing jam, pickle and squashes at home. Every day she used to sale the stock and this generated confidence in her. For survival she fought the battle all alone by borrowing some money from her mother.

Her first step towards entrepreneurship was when she began working with mobile cart which she received at free of cost from friend of dad. She had to train two handicap people to work with her on cart. In the year 1982 on 21st June she began her career as business women. During the first day of the business she managed to sale only 1 cup of coffee at 50 paise. She got disappointed and her mother gave her inspiration during the period of disappointment.

Tea, coffee and cigarettes where usually sold in such cart but she managed to sale cutlets, samosas, bajjis and fresh juices. Slowly she started making Rs 600 to Rs 700 each day. There were days when she even managed to make Rs.25, 000 per day. Then she got offered to run a canteen and then came the turning point when she managed to provide food to training school by central government. She had to provide three time meals to around 700 students and earned Rs. 80, 000 on weekly basis.

After this phase she got connected with restaurants. Her son insisted to have her own restaurant but during that period she lost her daughter and son in law in an accident. She took some time to back from trauma. Now with the assistance of son she is back as an entrepreneur and is running restaurant in the name of daughter Sandeepha. Today she is managing to make Rs. 2, 00,000 per day. Her journey to convert revenue from 50 paise to 2 Lakh per day is of 30 years.

For this successful journey she was awarded with Ficci entrepreneur of the year. One thing which can be learnt from her is that only you can help yourself to come up in life and never compromise with quality in any business you enter.

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