Narayana Murthy

Founder of Infosys, Mr. Narayan Murthy is legendary person who brought Indian company in the listing of NASDAQ. He brought up the IT sector in India and created lot of employment opportunity in India. He dreamt of forming IT company with his six friends and his wife Sudha assisted in accomplishing dream. In the year 1981 when he was dreaming to have his company but somewhere was lacking behind in generating funds. The unknown savings of his wife Rs. 10, 000 helped him to take the first step which brought turning point in his life.
According to him people who strive to achieve their dream, people who work hard are not backward people, instead they are forward. Apart from giving new route to IT industry in India he is also known for his simplicity. He believes in sharing wealth with needy people. The more he gets, the more he shares. In the year 1991 when Indian doors for liberalization where left open, he got hold of this opportunity and then never turned back.
However huge his company may be but his way of living life is still simple. This small town Mysore boy has still not changed his life style and this can be know because still he does not know to drive a car. During Saturdays when drivers have off, Mr and Mrs Murthy prefer to travel by company’s bus. They are continuing to maintain low profile, then however good the amount of money they earn.
Narayan Murthy was offered for security of Z category when Dr Rajkumar was kidnapped by Veerappan. This gentlemen did not accepted the security offer as he does not want people near to him get to face disturbance because of security.
Childhood days of Mr. Murthy
Since his school days he was sharp in studies and would mark himself in crowd by intellectual means. His father was teacher in a high school and he belonged to poor family. He wanted to pursue engineering from Indian institute of technology that it IIT as it is the dream of every student. For entrance test they did not had any coaching classes and used to study in a stone Mantap. He did not had to struggle a lot in solving sums and used to help friends in studies.
During childhood days he was dreaming to get admission in IIT under the shed of tree. He appeared for the test and cleared it with good marks. His parents were happy to know the results but their financial condition was not so good that he can spend so much money behind engineering. All his friends went to complete their studies and that day Narayan Murthy decided that he would do something big in life. He was not jealous for friends nor he was angry, he just wanted to prove himself the superior without studying from IIT.

Today this man “Narayan Murthy” is right in front of us who brought high development in software industry. He says that institution is not making your life, you are the one who is making it by your own skills and hard work.

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