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Venture Capitalists

Funds are the utmost important thing which is required to run any business on short term or long term basis. Funds which are raised by means of public issue are known as venture capital and venture capitalists are people who invest in companies where they find good margin of profit. Basically venture capitalists are the people who need high return on investment and the risk involved in such investment is also high.

Usually venture capitalist get attracted towards business section related to IT, health care, financial services, manufacturing units, foods, beverages, life sciences, etc. the risk involved in such type of investment is high and so venture capitalist always invest considering the growth factor of company. To attract venture capitalist entrepreneur should have stronger background and good marketing techniques. Investors always invest in some famous names
where possibility of growth is higher.

Here are the lists of venture capital companies in India:
• Helion Venture Partners
• Nexus India Capital
• Accel Partners India
• JAFCO Asia
• Epiphany Ventures
• Artiman Ventures
• Inventus (India) Advisory Company
• Canaan Partners
• DFJ India
• BlueRun Ventures
• Netz Capital
• Artheon Ventures
• VentureEast
• Apax Partners
• Intel Capital
• Lightspeed Venture Partners
• IFCI Venture Capital Funds
• India Innovation Investors
• Norwest Venture Partners
• Ojas Venture Partners
• Reliance Venture
• Trident Capital

Angel investors

Angel investors are those who invest in big projects and look for the high returns. They basically assist in entire setting up of business and also in making business plans. People who find more profit in particular investment rather than traditional investment are considered as angel investors. Angel investors can be any entrepreneur who wants to support other entrepreneur for the growth.

As compared to venture capital, angel investment is not that popular because they usually fund for small scale companies in a hidden way.

If you look at the statistics it can be said that in India there are around 2, 50,000 angels present with the investment in around 30, 000 companies. Following is the list of some of the angel investors in India:

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