Women Entrepreneurs

Multitasking work can be accurately done by women entrepreneurs as they have ability to handle work and household chores together. Ability to take and handle pressure can be found in women to greater extent. Their desire to prove themselves superior and to show they are nowhere far behind the men, brings in positive fighting spirit in them.

In country like India which is considered to be male dominant country, it becomes very difficult for women to prove themselves. Now the dominance has got reduced to greater extent and women power is increasing in various fields like business, sports, politics, etc. Talking about successful women entrepreneurs it can be said that they have ability to fight in a long run and to actually deal with difficult situations. Women Entrepreneurs

Following are some of the positive things which you can find in women entrepreneurs:

· They are quiet self disciplined and do not dare to disobey the rule.

· You can find good determination power and vision to become successful.

· Proper planning is followed by them depending on the vision.

· They have tactics to handle difficult situation.

· Good determination power.

· Positively accepting failure.

· Hitting nail at the correct time.

· Aptly making use of opportunity.

· Bring life to the business lifestyle.

· Accurately dealing with customers and using soft spoken language.

· Women have that in born talent to convince people.

· Tendency to respect business ethics and values.

· They trust their intuition while taking decision.

· Good interaction skills.

Following are some of the negative things which you can find in women entrepreneurs:

· Many times lack of confidence is found in women during the time of circumstances.

· During the tensed situation they avoid eye contact or sweats.

· You can find lot of complaining attitude and many times some have less adjusting capacity.

· Household disparities reflect their work to larger extent.

· Anger and unpleasantness comes out easily.

· Less control over emotions.

· Always good in making excuses and making faces.

· Expect understanding from everyone in business environment.

· Gives explanation for not to be done mistakes.

· Somewhere possess bitchy nature.

· They are not perfect in their words.

· Give aggressive reaction to vague matters.

· Emotional get involved in business.

· Their emotional side affects business decisions.

Above mentioned are some of the positive and negative points present in women. Negative points mentioned are quiet curable. For women entrepreneur it is very much important to learn that there is no place for emotions in business. You have to be strong enough to accept the fact and face the diverse situations.

Good presence of mind will help them to follow the correct path while running business. Women entrepreneurs need to keep personal and professional life completely different. These days you can find more of young women entrepreneurs as today young blood is very aspiring and have high ended dreams. If you look at today’s top women entrepreneurs, one thing can be said that proper determination, confidence and quick thinking can take anyone ahead in future.

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