Starting a Clothing Store

If you are looking to open a Clothing store then you should have an acute business sense, good cash in the bank account and above anything else sincere interest in the clothing business. It is serious business to open an apparel store. You got to be a person with strong belief in apparel industry, ability to live with inherent risk in the business and ability to take competitive advantage. You should also think if your market is dominated by few players or there are overcrowded players.

The typical targeted male customer is in the range of 18 and 40 years of age. Usually the male consumer has money to spend but he needs to be accompanied by his wife or girl friend to the store and spend it on clothes. The casual dress trend attracts the male customer primarily. In case of Women customers, a retailer needs to find out market vendors gaps. No store can stereotype as per the likes of women as they have diverse taste and range. You should decide which customers in the store’s trading area would be your target and what apparel would you provide and at what cost. Women will buy those apparels which are difficult to find elsewhere.

Starting a Clothing Store The children are regarded as the fastest-growing segments of the retail market. If the parents are financially more stable then they spend more on boutique clothing for their kids. While operating your store, one thing that helps in balancing of act is to establish the store’s operating policies. It should have the rules for running your business. You also need to select a community where you would like to open your apparel store. You need to consider various factors like population, whether stable economy, compatible demographic characteristics and others. As per your store hours and customer traffic, you may need to position your staff well. Ideally, there should be one full-time and one part-time person for every 1,000-square-foot store.

You should focus not only to convince potential customers once but also ensure that you have a strong image in the market. Advertising is not a business expense but it helps in increasing your sales. Your advertising campaign needs to be planned well and consistent with your store image.

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