Open a Salon or Day Spa

If you are looking forward to start a Salon or Day spa then you can consider three ways for opening your business. First option is to open a franchise hair salon where you need to pay money upfront for using someone else’s established name. It builds your reputation instantly and you can use its resources. You can also purchase an established salon from someone else who is willing to sell it. A third option talks about setting up your own salon by using your own money, ingenuity and optimism. To begin with, you should think about your working hours carefully so you are required to serve the maximum number of clients on a busy business day. Nowadays, the Salons are opened seven days a week and even on some traditional holidays. They have lots of work load during the peak wedding season and other festivals.

Salon or Day Spa Apart from work timings, you need to design and set the appropriate pricing of your services. The price of the market is dependent on the demographics of the service area. In case, your shop is in upscale area with big homes occupied by people with high disposable income, then you can price your services accordingly and also start with offering high-end spa services. however if the surrounding community is surrounded by young working families, then you can leave the spa services and focus on basic haircutting and colour services available at affordably costs.

The spa services are growing rapidly in the personal care industry. There is wide range of services offered at a day spa including skin and body care, hair removal as well as makeup. The skin- and body-care spa services include Facials and body exfoliation, Massage, Wraps and packs, Hydrotherapy treatments and Body tanning. The kind of job involves spending a lot of time on the telephone every day, ordering supplies, talking to salespeople, helping to book appointments, arranging for training, and others.

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