How to start a Coin Operated Laundry

The coin-operated laundry business has seen a dramatic change with more number of laundromats are becoming a place of fun and appealing multiservice centres to entertain the customers. The latest laundries consist of snack bars, video games and a place to leave off and pick up dry cleaning. Some of these do not even use coins and instead customers use swipe cards for making payment similar to a phone card or debit card. There are many laundry owners who employ the attendants for keeping an eye on the store and helping the customers in the usage of the equipment.

How to start a Coin Operated Laundry The coin-operated laundry industry is adapting to the changes that are impacting the business. Laundry owners understand that the customers do not have enough time with them so they offer their customers time-saving convenience by providing wash-and-fold (drop-off service) and dry-cleaning service. Some of the owners also arrange for the laundry to be picked up from customers’ homes and also delivering these back after cleaning and folding.

The laundry owner’s nowadays are providing customers with access to multiple services. In a way there are using the space rented for laundry up to its full potential. Most of them are serving food, renting mailboxes and free internet access as well. Customers like to visit laundromats with a more pleasant atmosphere and this has led to many laundry owners to set up kids’ centres, hold music concerts, and hire friendly and helpful attendants.

In general, the laundries are open seven days a week between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. It is recommended to open the laundry on Saturday and Sunday to generate the maximum business. At a laundry place, you or your employee are required to do many activities like Mop the floors, Wipe down the machines, Wash off the folding tables, Clean the bathroom, Empty the trash, wash the windows, Clean the vending machines and etc. You also need to collect coins from the machines. In case you have a card system, your job becomes easier. You only need to empty the card machine of the bills, simply count them and at last deposit them in the bank. In case you have vending machines in your laundry store then you need to restock the vending machines.

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